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#9 $200 of Protein Bakery Treats

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We chose the name Protein Bakery for a good (and healthy) reason—our unique muscle-building whey protein concentrate. It's richer, better-tasting and a huge component in all our baked goods. Protein makes you feel fuller faster and prevents spikes in blood sugar levels. It's a sure way to keep the heart beat steady and the body in balance.

Our recipes are all trans-fat free, gluten-free*, and preservative-free, wheat flour-free*, and fiber-rich. We combine natural ingredients like heart-healthy rolled oats, light brown sugar, and the finest chocolate. Then add in gourmet accents like swirls of rich peanut butter, toasted walnuts, sun-sweetened coconut, and tangy cranberries. We prepare small batches from scratch everyday in a certified KOF-K Kosher kitchen with the same attention to perfection we had when we opened in 1999.

Each bite is nutritionally balanced, satisfying the cravings of Oprah Winfrey, Bobby Deen, Rachael Ray, Equinox Gyms, Bergdorf's, and getting a healthy endorsement from Dr. Oz!

You're the reason we can't wait to start each day. Baking you the best protein-packed, satisfying snack is what drives us.


Retail Value: $200