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#5 MV Brigitte Bardot Model Ship

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Martin Towse
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Sea Shepherd named the MV Brigitte Bardot in honour of the French fashion model, actress, and singer whom Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, took on an anti-sealing trip in 1977. In addition to a new name, the vessel also received a new paint scheme; the overall black scheme was replaced by a grey coloration similar to that of a naval vessel.

The ship was damaged by a rogue wave of 11 m (36.1 ft) while pursuing the Japanese whaling fleet off the western coast of Australia in December 2011 and was escorted back to Fremantle by the MV Steve Irwin. The main hull was cracked and the port side pontoon was being held together by straps. The vessel arrived at Fremantle Harbour on January 5, 2012. Both ships were followed by the ICR security vessel Sh┼Źnan Maru 2 at a distance of 5 nautical miles (9 km).