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#4 Mere Pounamu

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Mere Pounamu


Package includes:

·        An authentic Ngāi Tahu Pounamu Mere

In 1997 the New Zealand Government returned the rights of greenstone ownership to Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, the iwi’s elected tribal council.  Ngāi Tahu are therefore the kaitiaki of all South Island greenstone, the only known source of authentic New Zealand pounamu. This was a huge moment both for the tribe and for the greater identity of New Zealand. 

Pounamu is one of the most prized possessions in Māoridom, a treasure to protect and draw strength from, to be taken care of, and to be passed from one generation to the next.


Pounamu has a diverse range of colours with a myriad of variations in colour and pattern combination. The strong spiritual connection Māori have with pounamu is reflected in the way the various stone types were named with  - each pounamu type being given an identity that corresponded to the world Māori lived in. The stone was named after native birds, fish and plants. Others are linked to pakiwaitara or storytelling and others linked to specific locations.


Endless combinations of pounamu types occur, ranging from the yellow/orange enriched tones of flower jade to the rich green and white tinted snowflake jade. No two pieces of pounamu are the same, guaranteeing every carving is unique to you and your loved ones.


This Mere Pounamu was carved from authentic Ngāi Tahu Pounamu which also includes a traceability code for you to find out the whakapapa of the Mere Pounamu, information on the carver, the stone it originally is from, and what region on the West Coast it was found. 

All Pounamu is sacred and highly valued by Ngāi Tahu, the most southern tribe of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Carving this sacred stone has been a cornerstone of our culture for hundreds of years and we are honoured that you have chosen to adorn yourself with this most scared gift.


This Mere Pounamu is carved by Des Hetherington from Waewae Pounamu.Traditionally the Mere were reserved for warriors of distinguished mana and powers. Today, mere are gifts or taonga of high meaning and regard.


Ngāi Tahu Pounamu, and Waewae Pounamu are proud and honoured to be able to have a relationship with Child Cancer Foundation and the beads of courage project is one we all hold close to our hearts. 


Kindly made possible by Ngāi Tahu




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