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#109 Three Private Training Sessions With Matthew Griffen

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3 Private sessions with personal trainer, Matthew Griffen. In contrast to Matthew’s high-energy Bootcamp classes he instructs at Barrys Bootcamp, his personal training style is more subdued with extreme emphasis on precision, intention, and correct execution. His main objective is for you to leave these three sessions with the knowledge to continue along the path of betterment and health. Combining textbook knowledge with the experience gained from working with the top athletic coaches in the world, Matthew will facilitate the tools needed to execute correct form in order to maximize the effectiveness of the exercise; structuring them in specific sequencing
to match the client’s specific goals.

When Matt realized he probably wouldn’t realize his childhood dream of becoming a Power Ranger, He joined the contributing creative team for the Beijing Olympics and later joined Cirque Du Soleil as a performer. After, Matt continued his super hero pursuits and became a parkour and fitness instructor; leveraging the knowledge he gained from his training to help others achieve their goals. His instructional style is focused and clear, coaching through visuals and providing analogies to assist in executing correct form.

These three private training sessions will be used to establish the goals of the client and develop a program to guide them into the direction of their preferred fitness journey.

Face Value: $300