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#45 Charles Billich

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Sydney-based artist Charles Billich is one of the most prominent living Australian painters. In a career spanning some forty years, he has exhibited at some of the world’s best venues and has been an honoured guest and resident artist on many occasions. From the Vatican Museum to the White House, Charles Billich has an eclectic and ubiquitous following. 

“The kangaroo is a being that has fascinated me for a long time for its originality and uniqueness in the animal world. Because of my respect for this often culled animal I have covered it with 24 carat gold foil. I’ve always had an interest in calligraphy and the aesthetics of mathematics and the seemingly mysterious calculations on Calculuroo suggest dynamics, energy, acceleration and thrust. As do the visual graphics combining conventional clockwork mechanisms with more advanced microchip technologies and recondite circuitries. None of which really mirror the complexities of our beloved and proud yet humble national symbol. My roo is a harbinger of prosperity, a messenger of Hope and a carrier of charity and cash!”