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#40 Veronica Holland

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Veronica Holland lives and works in Christmas Hills and has been painting professionally for about 30 years after studying Fine Art at Melbourne Uni and painting at RMIT. Her work is part of worldwide collections, as well as gracing the walls of many local homes. 


“My Kangaroomerang, Poppy BlooRoo, is fun and a bit silly which is how I think childhood should be. Poppy is not just a funny shaped canvas but like parents she is the basis to a happy and secure childhood. She is all-knowing, ever-patient and all-loving.

I have used the space to show the sort of childhood we would all like for our children; full of play, books, games, toys, making music, sandcastles and pets. Full of adventure and learning about the wonders of the universe, of imagination, fantasy and laughter. And most of all, full of love.”