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#8 David Bryant

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David is a full time artist based in Trentham, David paints portraits, inspirations from the local forest and gardens, some conceptual works and has accepted various interesting commissions. 


“Leaping from darkness towards light, from constraint to freedom, Romper inspires many others to come along for the ride. Even the wire mesh entanglement, given light and hope, comes to life and begins to grow, morphing into local forest vines and ferns. The wire also represents a state of mind, our constricted repetitive thought patterns that, given inspiration and encouragement, can unwind and bring hope for a better future. To finish Romper in the appropriate community spirit, thanks to my artist friends (from finalists in all the major art prizes to complete novices) who contributed an inspiration or two.”


How many ladybirds and ants can you find riding on Romper? 

Can you also find the following? Gecko, moth, crickets, flies, caterpillars, beetles, dragonflies, butterflies, fish, blue wren, rosellas and cockatoos...