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Beci Orpin was born in Melbourne during the early 70’s to hippie parents. For the first 3 years of her life she lived out of the back of a Landcrusier travelling around Australia, and never had to wear shoes. On return to Melbourne she moved into an inner-city commune, where she developed a love for drawing and decided that was all she ever wanted to do.


“I use a lot of colours and graphic pattern in my work, so my approach when it came to my Roo was no different. Not only do I think the patterns and colours represents me - it also represents optimism and the theme of Hope. Matilda is one of my favourite girls names (which I never got to use as I only had boys), which also has a beautiful Australia heritage. Matilda was painted with acrylic - first we divided up the sections and then pencilled out the patterns. My kids are often in my studio so they helped with the painting too. Once it was finished, she needed a little but more of Beci, so I made the pom-pom head pieces to match. I'm so happy with how she turned out!”