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#8 Google Home Mini

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The Google Home Mini is a powerful smart speaker that is easy to set up wherever you want.

 Voice-activated speaker powered by Google Assistant.
Integrates with your favourite smart devices.
Control music, streaming services, lighting and more just by using your voice.
Compatible with a huge range of partners including Netflix, Spotify, Philips, Polk and more.
Get instant answers about weather, traffic, finance, sports results and much more.


The Google Home Mini allows you to control your entire home without having to lift a finger.

Powered by Google Assistant, the Google Home Mini responds to voice commands, assisting you with everything from playing your favourite shows on TV to dimming the lights and setting the perfect temperature at home.

Ask away

Whether you want an update on the latest news or today’s weather, or have a question that you’re burning to know the answer to, simply turn to the Google Home Mini and ask away.

Delivering the power of Google Search, the Google Home Mini is always on hand to provide you with the answers you need.