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#12 A Goal for Our Planet - by Lorraine Fenlon

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‘A Goal for our Planet’ is inspired by the work of GOAL, the reasons they are needed, and suggesting ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ as a solution to saving our race and our planet. In 1943, Maslow described the stages of growth as being ‘Physiological’, ‘Safety’, ‘Belonging & Love’, ‘Esteem’ and ‘Self-Actualization’, represented as a pyramid. My design shares these needs around our world. Cargo trucks and envelopes carry messages of hope and essential supplies. Maslow’s Pyramid is painted large asserting its importance. A ‘wheelie bin’ is filled with all the world’s bad stuff while Gold Leaf on the land masses signifies the resources equally distributed.

Originally from Dublin, Lorraine is an artist and tutor based in Carlow. She works in Oils, Mixed Media, and Gold Leaf and paints a variety of subjects. She was awarded a bursary in 2013 and had work selected by the OPW & the Arts Council.