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#10 What if we left Mother Nature to do her thing? - by Bernadette Doolan

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I wanted to portray the beauty in the world - its potential, its vulnerability and delicacy, and yet its strength. To do this I used porcelain roses that replaced the countries. The porcelain clay originates from the earth, delicate yet so strong. While delicately drawing the abstract branches connecting the roses, they started to represent the arteries of the heart. I wonder if we let Mother Nature do her thing and didn't try to interfere with her rhythm, where would the planet be. I have given Ireland a gold rose, to acknowledge the work done by GOAL around the world and the Irish reputation of being warm and welcoming.

Living in Wexford, award-winning Irish artist Bernadette Doolan explores the fragility of identity in the context of childhood through much of her recent work.