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#120 Muhammad Ali & The Joker

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British, Bahraini born creative artist, Tariq "Rick" Sharif, has been cutting up a storm since 2013 by creating portraits of loved ones and superheroes by only using blades and paper, These handmade Multi-cut, multi-layered-paper artwork are a unique twist for anyone looking for something amazing.

Seen in the homes of royalty, pop culture fanatics, galleries and hotels across the globe, each item is a one-off piece with its own individuality. The pieces take Tariq approximately 3 days of 8 hour detailing and is a show-stopping edition in any household.

This is your chance to own two beautiful pieces, both A3 in size; Muhammad Ali's famous pose after knocking down Sonny Liston and Batman's infamous rival The Joker.

NB: Both pieces come framed

Kindly donated by: Rick Sharif and Arkham Creative