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#137 Imperial Caviar by Black River

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We would like to introduce Black River Russian Oscetra Caviar that is among the finest in the world.  It is 100% natural and absolutely fresh. The outstanding grade of roe produced by our sturgeon allows for the malossol method, meaning nothing but a slight touch of salt was added during the preparation process to ensure the highest quality and taste. 

The Imperial grade is the rarest of Oscietra variety. Its distinct color ranges from light brown to golden, with a roe diameter over 3 mm. It has a firm roe bursting with a clean nutty flavor and a creamy finish that only can be found in a great caviar. 

This caviar is unique as it is the first Oscietra caviar produced using a “wild-raised” method. This means that the sturgeon are bred in an ecosystem that mimics the habitat, in which these fish grow in the wild. Respect for the animal’s quality of life and its environment in combination with the latest technological developments is what makes this product truly stand out in today’s world of caviar.

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