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#139 Dhamani 1969 Earring & Ring Set

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Topaz Diamond Set Earring from Belo Collection, By Dhamani 1969
These exquisite Topaz Diamond Earrings are part of our Belo collection, a collections which is dedicated to jewellery pieces with colorful gemstones. The perfectly cut 31. 28 ct blue Blue Topaz set in the earrings surrounded with diamonds, designed in white gold are a splendid example of the beautiful gems that made Belo Horizonte famous among gemstone lovers around the world and that we proudly offer to our customers every day. 

Topaz Set Ring from Belo Collection, By Dhamani 1969 
These exquisite Topaz Ring is an excellent representation of a modern and bold design in White gold to maximize the beauty and the allure of this impressive 24.29 ct Blue Topaz. As in all the pieces of our Belo collection, this ring embodies the tropical vibe of Brazil with vibrant and opulent shades and the elegant cut of each gemstone we set for it.