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#112 The Private Suite Experience

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A one-year membership to The Private Suite as well as a round-trip international use of our service which would include four guests. 

The Private Suite, an exclusive terminal serving all commercial airlines, transforms Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) into one of the world’s most convenient airports for people traveling in premium class. 

Within the gated and guarded compound, the new private terminal features ten individual suites, a new facility for private TSA screening, and direct-to-aircraft transportation across the tarmac, Head-of-State style. Eliminating the congestion of traffic and crowds, members enter LAX through a special gate, and are welcomed inside the compound where they can work or relax while all travel and baggage needs are handled by The Private Suite. 

Members of The Private Suite enjoy private TSA screening, on-site Customs and Immigration processing, the comfort of their own suite, and the convenience of direct transportation across the tarmac to their aircraft in BMW 7-Series sedans — streamlining the typical LAX experience with unprecedented privacy, comfort, and service at every turn. 

The Private Suite Experience package includes:
  • 12-month membership to The Private Suite, and 
  • Roundtrip experience at The Private Suite at LAX 

Membership benefits include: 
  • Preferential pricing – up to $1000 reduction on per-use fees
  • Up to 3 complimentary travel companions
  • Pre-order complimentary meals · Complimentary valet and car detailing
  • Book complimentary in suite manicure, massage, or haircut
  • Concierge doctor on call
  • Complimentary use of fully equipped video conference room
  • Qualify for special services from BMW, including Dedicated Client Managers
  • Book up to six months in advance
  • Preferential cancellation and change policies