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#123 Liposuction by Dr. Viel

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1 Liposuction by Dr. Maurizio or Dr. Roberto Viel of London Harley Street and Dubai Healthcare City

Drs Maurizio & Roberto Viel, as featured on BBC, CNN, ITV, Vogue India, Harper’s Baazar Arabia, Elle UK, The Sunday Times have donated a VASER Liposuction surgery have office on London’s Harley Street and Dubai Healthcare City.  The VASER Liposuction is a unique procedure from the US which uses state-of-the-art ultrasound energy that helps shape stubborn fat spots that won’t shift with persistent diet or exercise. The ultrasound is set at a frequency targeting only the fat cells, leaving the rest of the surrounding tissue untouched reducing bruising and recovery time compared with traditional liposuction.  Drs Maurizio and Roberto are speakers at International Conferences, they are also amongst the first surgeons to bring VASER Liposuction to Europe and to the Middle East, and have taught the art of VASER to dozens of other surgeons around the world on behalf of VASER.

VALUE: Starts at USD 8,000