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#12 Renee Maurice - Megastar

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“From the warmth and acceptance StarJam offered me, it became easy to make friends, when before I had struggled. I now feel honoured to have the opportunity to share my experiences with new Jammers, Tutors and Volunteers.” 

Renee has overcome many challenges in her life. 

She was born with a congenital heart defect, and has already outlived her life expectancy. Additionally, she suffered a major injury when she was in a car accident when she was 12, in which her grandmother was killed. 

Renee was already a budding song writer and performer when she heard about StarJam, but her participation in StarJam, allowed her to flourish and gave her the self-belief to reach for her goals. Through StarJam, Renee had the opportunity to meet her idol, Julie Andrews, and to professionally record ‘Queen of Hearts’, the song she co-wrote with Jammer Jonathan Heaps. 

Renee has performed in three of StarJam’s major productions including the 2005 StarJam Stage Show where she sang a song she had written previously, “I am Free.” The audience reaction inspired further creativity, from which emerged her next original composition, “Tonite We’re Gonna Shine,” which she performed at StarJam Rock 06. 

Renee has been a Jammer, Tutor and now alumni member of StarJam. She continues to follow her dreams and in 2013 was the winner of New Zealand’s Got Talent. 

Renee Maurice, Jammer for good.