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#3 What Now Shake It Off

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Ronnie and Chris from What Now got together with Caitlin from StarJam to 'Shake It Off". They had a blast. 

Check out their awesome moves, and DONATE NOW to support StarJam! 

Caitlin is 16 years old and one of our fantastic Groove Band Jammers from Christchurch. Caitlin only joined StarJam this year and she is full of energy and enthusiasm- her positive attitude is truly infectious. 

Caitlin is a real role-model to the other Jammers in Groove Band. She leads the way with glowing Spot the Talent feedback for her peers and her eagerness to give anything a go. 

Caitlin’s real passion is performing on stage and she does it all from singing and dancing to storytelling and magic tricks! Caitlin will often ‘MC’ other Jammer’s performances and encourage them to share in this passion with her.