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#7 Flatman Can't Stop the Feeling

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"Be A Bruv...Share the Luv"

Introducing Christchurch's ultimate superhero squad...Flatman, Ethan & Astin!!!

Check out their video and see for yourself the power of dance! DONATE NOW!!!

Flatman, Christchurch’s very own superhero. Emerging after the February earthquakes Flatman provided food packages to those most in need. He now visits schools teaching kids to be their own superhero by being kind, generous, and to look out for each other, as well as helping spread some much needed joy and laughter to a city which has been through so much. Equipped with his catch phrase "be a bruv ..share the luv" Flatman is here to stay to be the superhero Christchurch deserves.


Jammers Astin and Ethan frequently practice their superhero moves in the Christchurch Magic Movers workshop every week . Both boys have Autism and they share a love of breakdancing and StarJam. With StarJam the boys have had the chance to show off their talent in a number of high profile concerts, local gigs and community events. 

Astin’s mum Courtney says, “StarJam has given Astin a new sense of confidence in being in front of others… he calls it “his place”.