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#4 Haven't Met You Yet

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“The main thing is that you’ve just got to get up there and give it a go!” – (Mark Lewis)

Support StarJam and donate NOW to Mark and Jo's fantastic rendition of "Haven't Met You Yet".

Mark has always been an enthusiastic singer but his musical talents have blossomed since joining StarJam. As a member of the Christchurch Sensational Singers workshop his confidence has soared, as has his charismatic stage presence with his uncanny ability to incorporate the audience into his every performance.

Initially, when Mark first came on board he was quite reserved and hesitant to perform in front of an audience. It has now been about 3 years since Mark joined StarJam and the change in him has been remarkable. He is no longer afraid to let his own voice take centre stage. Despite having a vocal stutter when he speaks, Mark’s delivery is flawless when he sings.

Check him out below singing with the incredible Jo Casey.