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#18 Make a Splash by Carlo Cortes

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This 2001 VW Golf GTI Turbo  car bonnet is a unique piece of art created for Bangers and Cash, the UK’s first art roadshow banger rally from Sheffield to Monte Carlo which took place on 21st – 25th September 2018 and was driven by sponsors Plusnet.

Carlos Cortes' practice includes Visual Arts, Choreography/Direction and Theatre Design. His award-winning work has been performed, exhibited and published in several European countries and the USA. Carlos Cortes has the uncanny ability to “activate” spaces and groups of people, managing to engage large groups of participants in open-air dances, in collective building activities or in painting large canvases. His work investigates through all sorts of creative conversations, through movement and visual arts, how people engage with their physical environment and with each other. These are modern rituals that allow new communities to express themselves through 2D and 3D elements. Artists, audiences and performers share experiences and become equally involved in dynamics that generate a physical and emotional transformation of the environment, and of those who inhabit it.

Carlos loves the idea of “Art on wheels”, art that goes around Europe as part of a collective of crazy people that are also making a positive statement and helping people in need. He has previously worked on car parts and he finds a strange connection between man and machine that inspires him to create art.

“Make a Splash” invited people to take part in a kind of “group action painting” that involved participants smashing balloons filled with paint against the car to the rhythm of music. After quite a bit of frantic movement and some dynamic “painting moves” the whole vehicle was covered in bright and colourful splashes of paint.

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Collection in person or by courier on Wednesday 24th October or Friday 26thOctober  from  our warehouse in S9. You must organise your own delivery/collection at your own expense, and must be by arrangement only.

All our bonnets are in great condition, but some may bear minor stone chips and imperfections in the paintwork from the journey, but this highlights the authenticity of the piece and adds to the story and character of the bonnet.