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#14 Are we there yet? by Neil Carribine

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This 2003 Jaguar X-Type car bonnet is a unique piece of art created for Bangers and Cash, the UK’s first art roadshow banger rally from Sheffield to Monte Carlo which took place on 21st – 25th September 2018 and was driven by sponsors DLA Piper.

Neil Carribine is an artist based in Sheffield. His work documents the everyday, examining and exaggerating human behaviour. Elements of these characters are captured and exaggerated in a sketchbook, which results in these bizarre looking figures. These images are then developed further through a mixture of illustration, animation and screen printing. Beyond these characters, Carribine is inspired by work produced by the Bauhaus movement and the Memphis Group, experimenting with colourful and playful patterns in his own outlandish way.

'"Are we there yet?" is inspired by the journey, the landscapes and countries that the car will travel through. The overlapping colours and lines of the design represent the car’s journey crossing borders and entering new and foreign countries. Squiggles and curved lines reference navigational features like contour lines on maps, which will help the driver to find his way. The car will shield the driver from the elements and the weather, and so patterns and shapes elude to the sun, to the rain, to the clouds that pass over mountains. The bonnet’s bright and bold design will stand out, as the car travels through the different coloured types of terrain, and will tell the story of the driver’s journey.

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Collection in person or by courier on Wednesday 24th October or Friday 26thOctober  from  our warehouse in S9. You must organise your own delivery/collection at your own expense, and must be by arrangement only.

All our bonnets are in great condition, but some may bear minor stone chips and imperfections in the paintwork from the journey, but this highlights the authenticity of the piece and adds to the story and character of the bonnet.